At True You Counseling, the focus is on you.

By using evidence based methods of psychotherapy, I can help you to enhance your strengths, eliminate the weaknesses and help you to build a skill set that will propel you towards authentic and successful life.

I employ a combination of approaches to make sure you get exactly what you need.
These approaches include Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Mindfulness. Learn more about these approaches here. 

Individual counseling
Life happens. Sometimes what happens in life leaves a mark. Most of us go through life accumulating different marks, some of them quite deep. Individual counseling helps to heal these marks. Individual counseling can help you to free yourself from any behaviors, thoughts and emotions that burden you or prevent you from living your life authentically. It also can improve your sense of satisfaction with the direction your life is going, your relationships, and help improve your view of your future.
What to expect: 
At the beginning we will talk about what brought you into counseling, about your current challenges and struggles, what benefits you hope to receive from being in counseling. We will also talk about what you’ve learned from your life experiences and which one of them you want to keep and which one of them you want to dispose of. We will also check into your strengths’ inventory and talk about how you can increase your strengths for your benefits. 

Parenting help (parenting for the modern times) 
Parenting is not an easy job. Whether you are a new parent or seasoned one, chances are you meet different and plentiful challenges with your child. Each child is different as they are born under different family circumstances to parents going through different times of their lives. As children grow and your family circumstances change, you will be asked to modify your approach. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming and sometimes all you can do is to do your best. In my parenting help approach I aid parents in finding the most efficient approaches to parenting, increasing cooperation, reducing struggles and stress. Additionally, I will help you to unpack any learned parenting behaviors that might negatively affect your ability to parent your children in the modern times. 

What to expect: 
During the first couple sessions we will talk about your current successes and review your current challenges. The next couple of sessions we will dedicate to talk about what you learned from your own families about parenting, both directly and indirectly. Next, we will talk about your goals and establish pathways to achieve them. We will find the techniques that would work best for your family, creating a custom made “family growth plan.” 

Mentorship for New Therapists 
Graduating and starting a new career are both exciting and challenging moments in one's career. In any profession, having a mentor who can "show you the ropes" and ease your way into the profession is valuable. In the mental health profession it is double the value. I strongly believe in supporting my new colleagues in the journey. My approach to the mentorship is quite practical and focuses on helping you deal with challenges of the post grad era of your life, which ranges from how to find a job that fits your goals, to how to deal with newbie therapist nerves to skill set growth among many other things. 

What do you get as a mentee: 
A review of your strengths as a new therapist, identify areas to work on and personal professional development plan alongside ongoing support. Since it is not clinical supervision, we will not be discussing your clients’ individual cases.


Q What happens during the first session?
A: The first session is the first step in your therapeutic journey. We will start getting to know each other, you will start telling your story, what bothers you and talk more about what you wish to get out of  therapy.

Q: Length and frequency of sessions 
A: Individual sessions are either 45 or 60 min long. The 1st session is often 60 min long. Regular sessions are on a weekly basis.